Domus Solis

Address: VšĮ “Domus Solis” Meliorator st. 3-2, Žiežmar
Contact phone: + 370 346 58 449
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Domus Solis is a non-profit organisation seeking to help other community members – NVOs, Businesses, Education etc – to install and implement services innovations, create the networks of stakeholders, and design social business models. We advise companies how to implement an educational change and create a ‘shared’ meaning among all members of particular organisation. We moderate round tables, community meetings, organize seminars, conferences, forums and discussions.

We work with science-based and globally recognized methods, prioritizing learning from experience and activities that promote transformational thinking.

The organizations has broad experience in consulting schools for mental health, emotional climate and organizational culture. The organisation is working with schools, youth and day centres and local communities since 2010. The organization has created and accredited within the national qualification system 8 competence development courses for educators.

Organization implemented 12 national projects, related to issues of mental health social and emotional competence development at schools. In 2019 Domus Solis implemented a national scale project for the development of mental health and organizational culture at schools of Lithuania.

Domus Solis has a broad experience in transformation of the conservative school culture toward school as a learning organization on a national scale. Domus Solis researched 20 schools, interviewed 455 teachers and school principles on various issues of mental health in relation to organisational values, attitude and decision-making structures. On the basis of this research Domus solis provided cross-disciplinary consulting and support to schools.

During the project Domus solis started to collaborate with another project partner Klaipeda University, which provides theoretical and academic support to the project.

Domus Solis collaborated in the international projects funded under the Lithuanian Development Cooperation and Democracy Promotion Programme and with financial support from the Swedish Institute:

  • “Integral Leadership in Education” in project timeline (May 2017 – March 2018).
  • “School of Empathy” in project timeline (March 2018 – November 2018).
  • “Raising Leaders among Educators in the New Ukrainian School” in project timeline (March – October 2019).

Domus Solis combines empyrical practice adcademic research and policy making activities in transformation of education toward better school. In Domus solis was responsible for the development of future strategy for education of Lithuania. The organization involved all the stakeholders to review the previous strategic actions and to design bottom-up interventions to improve national education.

Domus Solis has good understanding of the international education context and holds close partnership with other project partners.


Ernesta Skebere

Facilitator of strategic sessions-agreements, worked in the business sector for communication and project management area more than 15 years, now moved to social business spaces; creator of training programs and lecturer at VŠĮ “Interstela”; communication and marketing specialist and project manager at VŠĮ “Domus Solis”; bodywork and movement therapy ( educator, researcher of body sensations in somatic practices; SETA (association of somatic education and therapy) is one of the founders, co-founder of and creator of experiential art.

Laura Jasinkaitè

10 years of work experience in the hospitality business in the field of sales and management. For the past few years, I have been working on various projects aimed at improving people’s emotional health, education about mental health, and increasing psychological resilience. One of the biggest implemented projects was “Behavior change initiatives for children and youth of Kėdainiai district”, during which I was responsible for the implementation of activities to improve emotional and psychological resilience for students.

Irena Blazevice

Master of International communication and Master of business administration, with the international experience of strategic consulting in the fields of education and community development. Irena is involved as national expert at European Commission and OECD research studies. Irena designed 21 competence development programmes and accredited them in the national competence development systems. Irena has developed authorized programme for schools facing challenges with group dynamics and supported more that 60 schools in Lithuania and Ukraine in development of inclusive and collaborative organizational culture. Irena has attracted team of 30 psychologists and social workers to provide mental health trainings and consulting to schools in Lithuania. Irena constantly participate in various conferences around education, collaborative communities and development of welfare services.