Let’s check it. How strong Your school connected, what does the picture of Your school health looks like.

The main body of the circle at school – are kids. Because of their being we do have schools. Around them, a bigger circle that holds them – teachers, school administration, and other personnel. And the last one, from a school like organization perspective – we have parents. We could continue more and more. But at the beginning the main three circles one holding each other of school are: children, teachers and school personnel, parents. We created this project from this perspective: that everybody is connected with each other and the quality of connections shows how strong and healthy the school community is. For this reason we offer You to check how Your school’s children, teachers and other personnel, parents see schools strengths and weaknesses. And to get the overview how school is seen from different perspectives, how different community groups see the same thing, how does it look: Your school’s holistic health picture. And to decide, to which direction as a school is the most important at this moment, this period to go.

Happy School – about the connectivity between children’s liveliness and knowledge and wisdom of teachers, structure and process of school personnel and care from parents.